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Sales Development Representative

About Liftlab:

Liftlab is the leading provider of science-driven software to optimize marketing spend and predict revenue for optimal spend levels. We call this the Science of Marketing Effectiveness. Our platform combines economic modeling with specialized media experimentation so brands and agencies can clearly see the tradeoffs of growth and profitability.

With decades of experience in marketing analytics and data science, our team of industry experts and thought leaders is proud to enable leading and emerging brands such as Cinemark, Express, Hanna Anderson, Lulu & Georgia, Pandora, Sephora, Skims, Tory Burch, Thrive, and Vionic, with our cutting-edge solutions and strategic guidance.

Job Description

LiftLab is seeking a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to join our Growth Team. As an SDR, your primary responsibility is to utilize various channels to reach out to prospective clients, building a qualified pipeline for our US Sales team. You will manage your own territory, while also collaborating with Account Executives on specific target accounts to ensure sustainable and scalable growth for LiftLab. Equipped with a range of software tools, you will manage your own book of business while engaging in continuous training programs and learning & development initiatives.

Are you driven by curiosity and ambition to achieve high goals? Are you open to giving and receiving feedback, eager for empowerment, and proactive in your approach? If you answered "yes," and you're still reading this, find the hidden code in this description and mention it in your application to prove your attention to detail. (Hint: It's a famous scientist's name spelled backward.)

LiftLab is at the cutting edge of optimizing marketing effectiveness through scientific methods, providing a platform that helps performance teams refine marketing spends accurately. As we continue to grow, we are looking for the right individuals to join our team.

What you will be doing:

  • Articulate LiftLab's value proposition and assist in addressing challenges related to marketing effectiveness through a consultative approach, establishing trust early in client engagements.

  • Conduct cold calls, send emails, and utilize LinkedIn to build initial relationships with prospects, promoting LiftLab's solutions with persistence.

  • Research and manage your own book of business to expand LiftLab's footprint in the Martech/Adtech domain, identifying and qualifying new sales opportunities.

  • Actively participate in team trainings and certification programs, demonstrating a passion for feedback and continuous learning.

  • Work closely with your dedicated Account Executives to identify ongoing strategic targets, providing in-depth information to the Sales team to enable the most qualified and productive demos.

  • Schedule qualified meetings for Account Executives on the sales team, fostering a collaborative environment with both Account Executives and technical teams.

  • Maintain data integrity and reporting in our CRM system, showcasing meticulous attention to detail, and diligently update the CRM to stay current on leads and follow-ups.

  • Adapt strategies and navigate through changes in a constantly evolving marketing landscape, demonstrating flexibility and a willingness to tackle new challenges head-on.

Who you are:

  • An excellent communicator with a propensity for consultative selling.

  • Persistent and resilient in the face of challenges.

  • Possessing exceptional active listening skills.

  • Self-motivated, goal-oriented, with a proven track record of success in a SaaS and analytics environment.

  • A quick learner able to adapt to changes swiftly.

  • A team player whose actions promote a positive and collaborative team environment.

  • Creative in problem-solving, able to interpret complex business problems, and collaborate to deliver value-based solutions.

  • Minimum of 1+ years of experience in a related field, with a Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred.

Above and beyond:

  • Industry knowledge or experience: Having a good understanding or keen interest in marketing technologies and advertising technologies is beneficial.

  • Technical aptitude: A sound technical aptitude will enable you to understand and articulate the technical nuances of our platform quickly, establishing credibility during sales engagements.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to work at the intersection of marketing and science, contributing significantly to the growth and success of LiftLab. Your efforts as an SDR will play a pivotal role in expanding our client base and achieving our revenue goals.

Scenario 1: The Resilient Outreach

You've been prospecting a high-value lead for the last two months without any success in getting a response. Finally, you receive an email showing interest but mentioning that the timing isn't right, and they'll re-consider in the next quarter. How would you manage this lead to ensure that it remains warm and eventually converts?

Scenario 2: The Complex Query

While on a call with a prospective client, they pose a complex problem they're facing in their marketing spend efficiency. They're interested to know how LiftLab could help but their problem is quite intricate. How would you handle this situation to ensure the prospect feels heard and receives accurate information?

Scenario 3: The Rapid Pivot

Your team has just been informed about a significant update to LiftLab's platform which changes the value proposition slightly. You have several scheduled calls with prospects over the next few days. How would you prepare for these calls to ensure you accurately represent LiftLab’s updated offerings?

Scenario 4: The Team Dynamic

You are working closely with an Account Executive on a potential deal. However, you have differing opinions on the approach to take with the prospect. The Account Executive prefers a more aggressive approach while you believe in a consultative approach. How would you navigate this situation to ensure a collaborative and effective working relationship, while also ensuring the best approach is taken with the prospect?

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