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Fast-Track Your Return on Media Spend with LiftLab and Put Your Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud to Work

Our latest integration lets Snowflake customers get our best-in-class MMM and Media Experimentation up and running faster than ever. Meet LiftLab at Snowflake Data Summit next week for all the details. 


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LiftLab customers already know the value the LiftLab Marketing Effectiveness System provides by bringing company revenue and media spend data together to maximize growth and profitability. Our first-to-market, premier approach to combining an Agile Marketing Mix Model with integrated Media Experimentation to forecast critical media spending decisions across tactics, channels, and campaigns for measurement-forward brands like Birkenstock, Cinemark, Tory Burch, and Sephora to LiftLab.  

Now, we’re pleased to announce that we have integrated with one of the premier data platforms for managing marketing data: Snowflake Data Warehouse. Starting today, Snowflake users can leverage their warehouse data for media mix modeling and experimentation with LiftLab – so they can supercharge incremental revenue for their company.  


Fast-Track to Value 

One of the principal advantages of integration is that it offers an ultra-fast time to value. LiftLab already offers a remarkably speedy path to standing up and training a marketing mix model – typically getting up and running within just six weeks. Because the integration means marketers’ data can be connected to LiftLab directly within Snowflake, this integration means slashing that already fast time still further for Snowflake customers—while also eliminating nearly all of the data prep work needed to get support an MMM instance. 

Indeed, fast MMM insight is a key opportunity that Snowflake’ own leaders have highlighted in the new era of MMM. For instance, Jim Warner, Field CTO of Advertising & Marketing at Snowflake, notes that given all the extensive labor traditionally gone into building marketing mix models, “it’s no wonder that MMM is often performed only annually. [But] with MMM growing in importance, brands are looking for a new approach enabling them to perform MMM more frequently.” 

With fast-track setup times and weekly data refreshes, a Snowflake-integrated LiftLab is putting quicker insight into the hands of Snowflake customers. 


How it Works: Putting Your Marketing Data to Work  

The Snowflake–LiftLab integration works as follows: 

  • Snowflake customers will pull marketing spend data from ad platforms. 

  • Snowflake customers will also pull daily first-party sales data from Snowflake. 

  • LiftLab will pull the data from the customer’s instance of Snowflake, enrich that data, and send it back, adding incrementality, marginality, and marketing effectiveness measurements on media spend. (LiftLab will use Marginal Return on Ad Spend (mROAS) and Incremental Return on Ad Spend (iROAS) as marketing effectiveness KPIs.) 

  • The LiftLab Fact table can then be centralized in Snowflake and shared across the organization. 

LiftLab and Snowflake Integration table

Get a LiftLab <> Snowflake Conversation Started at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 

Snowflake has chosen us as an integration partner because it recognizes LiftLab as a system for sophisticated marketers to get the highest return on ad spend with its measurement approach. Because LiftLab aligns marketing spend to the company’s revenue, marketers now have a strategic weapon for knowing how much to spend and when to stop.

Are you attending Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit next week, June 3-6? Our team will be there, ready to discuss how LiftLab can help you get more out of your own marketing data on Snowflake. Book a meeting here:


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