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How Kim Kardashians’ brand - SKIMS - used LiftLab to optimize their Tiktok spend

We are always excited to share our customers' success, especially when they boldly experiment in new channels like TikTok. Here’s an example of one of the experiments they ran in LiftLab:

They knew that they could be understating the performance of TikTok. So they tested it out.

When they quantified their spend's incrementality and diminishing returns, they were pleasantly surprised in multiple ways. The platform was performing much better than their last click metrics indicated.

As a result, they are now spending 3x more on TikTok, which has resulted in a 2.9% increase in revenue and a 1.7% increase in contributing profit.

The windfall of spending more on this channel and taking advantage of that newfound growth more than paid their LiftLab bill for the entire year.

It is not uncommon for our customers to:

- run an experiment

- find an underfunded platform

- capitalize on the insights they’ve gained

- use that to pay the LiftLab bill right out of the gate

Here is a quick link to the full case study.


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