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LiftLab Lifts Off

Today, we are opening our doors as LiftLab.

Our vision is to make media experimentation easy, radically scaling the number of successful media tests a brand can run.

Learning from Multi-Touch Attribution

I’ve spent my career measuring things: campaigns, product recalls, credit card transactions, caller sentiment in call centers, etc. In 2013 at DataSong, we made a discovery: a superior methodology to bring incrementality to multi-touch attribution. We quickly grew to serve 20 leading omni-channel brands where incrementality was an absolute requirement for CxO-level decision making.

After selling the firm to Neustar (Marketshare) I took some time to re-charge, reflect and re-engage. I talked to lots of brands. I learned that despite the promise of MTA or algorithmic attribution, most media decisions today are still made on a last click basis. Adoption never took off. Many I spoke with identified growth marketing or personalization as key priorities. No one felt measurement was solved.

Experimentation: The Gold Standard

Through my career, experimentation has been the gold standard for decision making. Today, we hear Google, Facebook, and other industry powerhouses counseling their customers to get on board with experimentation. High growth brands are adopting the Scientific Method and using it to embrace an iterative discovery-driven process across marketing. These same brands cringe when the subject of media testing comes up. Media testing is quite clearly a growing bottleneck to growth marketing, spend measurement, and personalization initiatives.

In our ten years at DataSong, we ran many media tests for clients and got calls to rescue even more. We came to understand the barriers to media experimentation. At the time, the problem seemed intractable. Yet recent industry progress in data management, API’s and media platform capabilities have opened the door to many new innovations. It’s time to remove the media testing bottleneck with technology innovation.

Making Experimentation Easy

LiftLab is here to make media experimentation easy! We believe successfully testing an increasing number of media ideas grows performance. It’s no secret that companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix have invested heavily in technology to support experimentation at scale. The key to this is putting it directly in the hands of marketers. We have a number of big innovations completed, with more in the works to make this possible. We are actively working with a growing set of leading customers and partners who share our vision and believe in the competitive advantage it can bring. If media performance is the lifeblood of your success, come join us in the journey. CEO Jeff Bezos has said “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day”.

Liftlab is here so your brand can develop the same experimentation muscles!


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