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Discover the journey behind LiftLab's inception and its mission to revolutionize performance marketing.


Embark on a journey with LiftLab as we uncover the story behind its creation and its ambitious mission to transform performance marketing.

Delve into our founder's background as a measurement expert, from analyzing global credit card transactions to working with industry giants like Williams Sonoma, Gap, and Apple. Explore the evolution of multi-touch attribution and the realization that privacy changes would reshape data utilization, a prediction validated by the iOS14.5 update.

Encounter the challenges marketers face with outdated data and the limitations of A/B testing, leading to LiftLab's innovative approach. LiftLab empowers marketers with statistically significant and privacy-compliant data, revolutionizing experimental design and enabling informed decision-making. Learn how LiftLab dissects data across platforms, funnel segments, and campaigns, providing granular insights to drive marketing effectiveness.

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