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Uncover the dirty secrets of marketing mix models and how LiftLab offers fresh alternatives for faster, more accurate insights.

In the realm of marketing mix models (MMMs), two dirty secrets lurk beneath the surface, and LiftLab is here to shine a light on them.

The first secret lies in the malleability of MMMs, where low-quality data and subjective opinions can skew results dramatically. LiftLab offers an alternative approach, leveraging geo-experimentation to collect high-quality data and inject fresh insights directly into models, bypassing the need for lengthy data collection periods.

The second secret, known as the cold start problem, plagues marketers who must wait months to gather sufficient data before incorporating a new channel into their models. LiftLab's geo-experimentation platform offers a solution by allowing marketers to quickly launch and optimize new channels, accelerating the time to meaningful insights and results.

By exposing these secrets and providing innovative solutions, LiftLab empowers brands and marketing agencies to make smarter decisions and achieve greater success in their marketing efforts. Say goodbye to unreliable models and lengthy data collection periods – with LiftLab, the future of marketing analytics is brighter than ever before.

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