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PE Giant L Catterton Selects LiftLab as its Marquee Marketing Effectiveness Partner

Selection based on real-world impact with multiple L Catterton Brands, followed by exhaustive expert diligence. 

As a company built on objective measurement, we judge our worth based on what others say – not what we think of ourselves. It’s precisely for this reason that we’re so honored to have been selected as a marquee best practice partner of L Catterton, one of the largest and most prestigious public equity firms globally. Going forward, the public equity firm will formally recommend that its portfolio brands use LiftLab to determine the effectiveness of their marketing mix.

The firm, which has made more than 250 investments in leading consumer brands across all segments of the consumer industry since its start, currently represents approximately $34B billion in assets under management–a true leader in shaping the future of the consumer brand landscape. To have been selected as a partner in its mission is an enormous honor.

The relationship began via a number of routes, including through a partner we both held in common early on. L Catterton’s current iteration was formed through a combination of private equity firm Catterton, high-quality products leader LVMH, and the holding company Groupe Arnault. LVMH owns cosmetics brand Sephora, one of LiftLab’s earliest clients and champions.

On the strength of LiftLab’s success with Sephora along with seven other L Catterton brands -- Beauty Industry Group, Birkenstock, Hannah Anderson, Leslie's Poolmart, Mizzen & Main, and SuperBeets – we attracted the attention of L Catterton’s operating teams and marketing specialists as a possible candidate to become a best practice partner.

The diligence was exhaustive – going deep into complex questions about our algorithm, our precise balance of modeling and experimentation, and where LiftLab’s experimentation compares with other approaches the L Catterton team was already familiar with. At the end of the process, L Catterton decided that LiftLab would be of significant value to its portfolio companies – and they would create a mandate within their brands to ensure marketing effectiveness by working with us. For L Catterton, the decision was driven by the firm belief – supported by exhaustive research – that LiftLab recommendations were the gold standard to help companies grow revenue, ensure profitability of marketing spend, and meet their forecasts.

We’re enormously flattered to be held in such high esteem by L Catterton, an organization known globally for selecting the most sophisticated companies and driving them to even greater efficiency and growth. And, as a portfolio of BtoC companies for which marketing is a significant portion of P&L, the selection is a statement that working with LiftLab can be a significant contributing factor in taking these companies to their next stage.

You can read their official announcement here.



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