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Last Updated: August 3, 2023


LiftLab utilizes a range of third-party Sub-processors to assist it in providing its products and services, as further described in the Terms of Service, DPA, or other agreement executed by LiftLab.


The Sub-processors below are LiftLab’s current Sub-Processors as of the date listed above.

Entity Name

Amazon Web Services, Inc.


Microsoft Corporation



Corporate Location

Seattle, WA - USA

Mountain View, CA – USA

Redmond, CA - USA

San Jose, CA – USA

Cambridge, MA -- USA

San Francisco, CA -- USA


Cloud hosting provider

Cloud hosting provider

Cloud hosting provider

Marketing data provider



How to subscribe to updates


You must subscribe to receive email notifications of updates to LiftLab’s Sub-processor list by submitting (1) the email address for such notifications and (2) the full name of the legal entity on whose behalf you are subscribing. By submitting this information, you represent that you have all necessary rights to provide this information to LiftLab.


How can current LiftLab customers object to a new Sub-Processor?


If you are a current LiftLab customer with a data processing agreement (“DPA”) in place with LiftLab, you may notify us of an objection to LiftLab’s use of a new Sub-Processor used to process Customer Data by sending such objection to within fourteen (14) days after LiftLab’s notice of such new Sub-Processor, or such other period of time as set forth in your DPA. Objections will be handled as described in your DPA.

By submitting this form, I understand LiftLab will process my personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. 

Thanks for submitting!

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