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Curve Your Enthusiasm

Conversations with Experts from the Frontline of Growth Marketing Analytics and Measurement.

Linear, Digital & Smart: Measuring TV in an Age of Channel Convergence

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Our Next Episode with...

Matt Skai, VP of Growth, Consumer Marketing, & eCommerce at L Catterton

The Pressure to Perform: Where Innovative Brands Need to Invest in their Marketing Spend Portfolio

JULY 23 2024 // 11AM PT | 2PM ET

Join John Wallace, Co-Founder & CEO, Jon Lorenzini, VP of Marketing Science, and Matt Skai, VP of Growth, Consumer Marketing, & eCommerce of L Catterton for our July CYE episode.

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About the Curve Your Enthusiasm  Series 


Introducing "Curve Your Enthusiasm: Conversations with Experts from the Front Lines of Growth Marketing Analytics and Measurement," a live series bringing the keen minds behind marketing and marketing measurement to the table while hopefully having some fun along the way. 
Join industry-leading experts with similar passions as we navigate the intricacies of growth marketing analytics, modeling and measurement. We will explore the world of data-driven marketing with hopefully a sense of humor at times, where the plots and subplots are established in outline form, and the dialogue is skillfully improvised by our esteemed panelists.  

Get ready to unlock valuable insights, strategies, and tips as we discuss the foibles and triumphs of growth marketing. Don't miss out on this engaging series that promises to entertain, enlighten, and perhaps even provoke a few awkward situations along the way.

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