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Welcoming New Data Science Leadership to LiftLab

Dr. Dirk Beyer, LiftLab’s new Chief Data Scientist, brings a storied data background to LiftLab.


Dr. Dirk Beyer's Headshot
Dr. Dirk Beyer's Headshot

 In every industry, there are a handful of exceptional leaders who not only have deep experience in the field – they’ve helped shape it to what it is today and are leading it into tomorrow. One such leader is the newest LiftLab team member I’m thrilled to announce: Dr. Dirk Beyer, LiftLab’s just-appointed Chief Data Scientist.  

In his new role, Dirk will take ownership of our algorithm and experimentation approach while overseeing our modeling and marketing science teams. As such, he’ll be a crucial guide at the cross-section of our clients’ business needs and the data insight that’s necessary for them to move ahead.  

Dirk's background is truly unique. A PhD in Operations Research who’s managed very large teams, Dirk has influenced hundreds of data scientists—both those who’ve worked under him, and on the client side indirectly through his work with major clients including Fortune 20 companies.  


Our paths first crossed when my co-founder Mike DeVries and I sold our last marketing measurement firm, DataSong, to MarketShare, where Dirk served as that company’s Chief Data Scientist. Since then, Dirk’s career has taken him to global leadership positions in data science and analytics at Neustar (now a TransUnion company), which acquired MarketShare in 2014; then at Uber; then DoorDash.  


Dirk has also served as part of our advisory team since October 2023—where he’s seen and helped shape our data approach. Dirk has seen up close how LiftLab is on “the right side of the math,” putting the principles of economics, data science, and statistics into the hands of marketing teams. He’s seen how rapidly we're innovating and has an appetite for this pace of change. 


The Chief Data Scientist is a role we were extremely selective in filling, and the whole LiftLab executive team is thrilled to bring someone with whom we share such deep mutual respect on board. I can’t think of a better executive to helm the science that sets LiftLab apart.  


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